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IT Consulting

Do you want network cabling installed in your new office? Old wiring at your facility revamped? Existing low-end data switches replaced? High bandwidth wireless network installed? The audio-visual solution for boardroom implemented? Proper new data center or infrastructure upgrade in the existing facility?

Not sure what solution specifications to buy, from where to buy, and how much it will cost? Not to worry, avail of Quickdata’s consulting services mentioned below to help you with this.


Requirements Assessment Report (QDCS01):

We evaluate your usage requirements through face- to-face meetings and questionnaires. We study the drawings of the building facility and carry out site inspections and surveys. Based on these we prepare a report on the existing status, our technical recommendations, and the most appropriate solution design as per industry standards along with the budgetary quote. This service is complimentary. Please click here on Request for Free IT Requirements Assessment to avail this service.


Preparation of Drawings and Documentation (QDCS02):

This service is an add-on paid service to Requirements Assessment (QDCS01). We provide you with schematic drawings for the recommended solution and design drawings in CAD format. We also provide you with an RFP along with the bill of quantities (BOQ) which you can use for tendering and to get competitive quotes.