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Structured Cabling Installation Company in Dubai

Structured Cabling Installation Company in Dubai

QuickData is a respected structured cabling company in Dubai. Over the years we have cabled several big and small buildings of various types. Our vast experience has helped us in developing an expertise in the data cabling field. We are also willing to invest our time to understand your specific needs. The most important aspect of a structured wiring installation is its architecture and how much future-proof it is. We all know that bandwidth requirements will continue to grow. So our structured cabling solutions are designed to meet not only your current needs but your future needs as well.

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is an organized approach to data cabling, where the wiring infrastructure is made up of easily manageable blocks. Each structured cabling block meets the performance requirements of International Standards Organizations – TIA and ISO. The different blocks of structured cabling integrate together and work as one network. A variety of devices can connect to a structured cabling network including computers, printers, telephones, televisions, and cameras, among others.

What are the Benefits of Structured Cabling?

1.  Standards Compliance:

A key advantage of structured cabling is its conformity to industry standards for data cabling. Thus any hardware from any vendor that is compliant with these standards can connect to your structured wiring without a hassle.

2.  Flexibility:

Structured cabling networks are very flexible. The design consistency and standards compliance of a structured cabling system enables the use of the same wiring for data, voice, and video applications. Therefore, you do not need to have separate wiring pulled for different services or applications. The modular nature of the structured wiring makes it very easy to move devices from one location to another. Similarly, you have the ability to change quickly any equipment (e.g. telephone) with another device (e.g. computer). A move or a change is just a matter of unplugging and re-connecting at a different point on the patch panel. In comparison, moves or changes with unstructured wiring can cause severe disruption to normal operations.

3.  Tidiness:

In a professionally done structured cabling installation, the cables are bundled and arranged systematically, and cables and ports are labeled professionally. It gives an overall neat and clean appearance that is pleasing to the eye.

4.  Quick Maintenance:

It is easy and quick to maintain a structured cabling installation. Since the cabling is structured and cables and ports are clearly labeled, you can trace the failures quickly. Similarly, due to the modular design of the wiring, you can also quickly do the repair without any fear of disrupting the operation of other systems and applications.

5.  Lower Downtime:

Structured cabling installations usually experience minimal downtime due mainly because of three reasons: Firstly, since the wiring is well-organized and neatly done, there are very failures due to human error. Secondly, even when the failures do occur, they are less likely to down the entire network. Finally, the maintenance takes place quickly.

6.  Investment Protection:

With a well-designed, high-quality structured cabling system, your investment will remain safe for many-many years. High-quality wiring products retain their physical integrity for at least twenty-five years. Moreover, well-designed structured cabling will continue to support newer bandwidth-hungry applications for years. Thus, you can continue to use the same wiring, without the need of any revamps. It is a significant benefit of using structured cabling over the unstructured wiring.