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Are you looking to have network cabling installation in your office? Then look no further. QuickData – one of the best network cabling Installation company in Dubai, is there to assist you. We can design and install for you a network cabling solution that will serve you for years to come. So please call us for the network cabling requirements of your facility. We are among the reputed network cabling companies in Dubai. Our customers compliment us for our quality work and professional project management. Our cabling technicians have several years of experience in designing and installing network cabling solutions. Over the years we have cabled several thousand data outlets across UAE. We realize that each customer’s requirements are unique, so our solutions cater to specific needs of our clients. As one of the leading network cabling companies in Dubai, we are always looking to install the latest technologies. However, we do not propose solutions to our customers based solely on this criteria. Our primary objective is always to meet your needs efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. So we choose products that most closely match your requirements. Moreover, since we are vendor neutral, and we focus on quality, our solutions incorporate products of reputed brands.

Why is Good Network Cabling Installation So Important?

Today it is critical to have good quality network cabling. More so in offices as a variety of intelligent network devices are in use there. For example, you will find servers, computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, sensors, wireless access points, IPTVs, and IP phones. All these devices connect to the same Ethernet LAN, whose base is network cabling. Many of these devices not only communicate over the network cabling but also get their electrical power through it. By providing PoE (Power over Ethernet) to IP Cameras and Wireless Access Points, you save money on electrical wiring. However, for PoE to work successfully, you need a high-quality network cabling Installation. Similarly, high-quality network cabling installation is a must to use IP phones and VoWLAN (voice over wireless LAN). Without proper network wiring, electrical noise would disrupt the communication. A few years ago, Gartner Group had conducted research on the causes of office network downtime. Their research concluded that around 32% of office network downtime is typically due to faulty network cabling. By installing high-quality network wiring, your office network will become more reliable and responsive. Perhaps, this may even give you an advantage over your competitors.

Our Network Cabling Services

We offer the following network cabling services:
  • New network cabling installation
  • Adds, moves, and changes in existing office network cabling
  • Cleanup and arranging of network cabling racks
  • Testing of Cat6 / Cat6A cabling with fluke tester
  • Fiber optic cable pulling and terminations
  • Terminating, dressing and patching cables in server rooms and data centers
  • Removal and disposal of old abandoned cables
Network Cabling Rack Cabinet

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