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Wireless Network Installation in Dubai

At QuickData, our goal is to offer our customers an excellent design, delivery and support solution for a secure wireless network.  We follow a systematic, step-by-step process to achieve this goal.

STEP #1: Wireless Site Survey

Not all sites are same and therefore the wireless network design cannot be the same for each site. Similarly, the wireless usage requirement of each customer is different. So the first step in any wireless Installation project should be a site survey and consultation with the client.

This is what we do at QuickData. We visit your site to check its layout. We look for and record the things that may impact the coverage of the wireless signals. Things like double glazed glass windows, thick walls or bends in site architecture, or metallic objects all affect wireless coverage. Similarly, interference from Du or Etisalat 3G/4G signal boosters, microwave ovens, or other wireless networks can play havoc with your WiFi coverage.

We also meet with you and discuss your present voice and data communication needs and your expectations for the near future. Every organization is unique in its communication requirements. The needs of a corporate office to access a wireless network are not the same as that of a school or a hotel. Within the same industry also the requirements may differ from one entity to another.  So, we try to find out about your operations, as much as we can.

Step #2: Wireless Network Design

Based on our site survey and discussions with you, we come up with the optimal design for a wireless network for your site. While building our wireless network design we take several factors into account. Some of these factors are – campus or building size, availability of wired connections, the intensity of use of video conferencing and the use of cloud applications, the size of your mobile workforce, and how critical is it for your business to have a stable wireless system.

Since we are vendor-neutral, our solution design is based on the brand that most cost-effectively meets your requirements. However, if asked by you, we can also propose a solution based on your preferred brand. Our solution design covers the current needs but also has options to scale in future.

For bigger and more complex sites, we often use the site drawings to generate wireless coverage heat maps. This helps in placement of wireless access points properly and helps determine accurately, the number of wireless access points required for good coverage.

STEP #3: Wireless Installation & Testing

We work as per industry best practices to install the wireless solution. Correct installation of wireless access points is critical to prevent signal loss or interference with other communication devices.  Here is where we have an edge on others as our technicians have extensive experience in this field.

After the Installation activity is complete, we to do the final testing before commissioning and handover. We use industry standard testing software and do a walk around to generate the real-time wireless heat maps. The heat map report may identify issues that require adjustments to the wireless network. Once we have rectified all the issues, the project is handed over to you.

STEP #4: On-site Support

We offer one-year free on-site technical support to our customers. After the expiry of the one-year free support, you can choose to enter into a maintenance and support contract with us.