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      One of the best SIRA approved CCTV companies in Dubai

      QuickData is one of the best SIRA approved CCTV companies in Dubai.

      At QuickData we have a lot of experience in CCTV systems. Over the years, we have installed CCTV cameras for many types of companies. These include hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, and schools. We have done CCTV camera installation in warehouses, buildings, and villas. We have an excellent reputation in Dubai. People say that we are one of the best SIRA approved CCTV companies in Dubai.

      We have SIRA’s approval for the following activities:
      – Security Control and Alarm Equipment Trading
      – Security and Surveillance Systems Installation and Maintenance

      Since we are a SIRA approved company, we fully understand the CCTV installation requirements in Dubai. This knowledge and experience help us to get SIRA’s NOC for our customers quickly. Our customers trust us and reward us with repeat orders. We also request you to entrust us with your CCTV installation and maintenance requirements.

      What is SIRA Dubai?

      SIRA is short for Security Industry Regulatory Agency.  SIRA Dubai is a government body responsible for managing the security industry in Dubai. The government created SIRA in 2016 to work as an independent agency. Before SIRA, the Department of Protective Systems of Dubai Police used to perform this role.

      SIRA approves the licensing of security activities for all companies in Dubai. You may want a license to sell and install security systems or a license for security audit services. However, you first need SIRA to approve this.

      To get their security system approved by SIRA, customers require installation services and an audit of the system. However, one company cannot provide both the services as SIRA doesn’t permit this. You can either get a license to sell and install security systems or a license to do security audits. SIRA follows this policy to prevent any conflicts of interest and to prevent corruption.

      How to get SIRA approval for CCTV installations?

      Dubai government has made it mandatory for all buildings to install a video surveillance system. Most new buildings have already installed CCTV cameras. Owners of old buildings are also moving to comply at the earliest to avoid penalties.

      However, for new buildings, submission of CCTV design drawings is now a mandatory requirement. Dubai Municipality does not release the construction permit for a new building until it receives the CCTV design drawings. There are strict controls enforced here. The municipal authorities accept only the CCTV drawings stamped by a SIRA approved consultant.

      Similarly, after the completion of the building, Dubai Municipality requires submission of SIRA NOC to issue the Building Completion Certificate. You can get SIRA NOC by following the six-step process below.

      (1) YOU select for your CCTV installation a SIRA approved Security Service Provider (SSP)

      (2) SSP contacts a SIRA authorized Consultancy to obtain approved CCTV drawings

      (3) YOU submit the approved CCTV drawings to Municipality to get Construction Permit

      (4) SSP installs the CCTV system and applies for inspection on SIRA portal

      (5) SIRA assigns an auditor to inspect your CCTV installation and submit report

      (6) SSP obtains NOC from SIRA, once auditor has approved the CCTV Installation

      CCTV camera installation at other locations

      SIRA regulations for CCTV camera installation are the minimum requirements. You can choose to have additional security cameras installed at locations not specified by SIRA. However, there are some important things to keep in mind. You need to ensure that the security cameras do not intrude on other people’s essential privacy. For example, you cannot install secret or hidden cameras.

      You can install CCTV cameras inside your office or construction site or in a building’s car parking. A few CCTV cameras inside a large office or a factory may help in increasing productivity. The staff will not waste their time if they know that they are under surveillance.

      In a car park, CCTV cameras installed at critical locations can help in finding the cause of a car damage. At a construction site, security cameras can record the progress of work and monitor the workers.You can also use CCTV cameras to make a time-lapse video of your construction site.

      Remote monitoring with security cameras

      Today, we have the technology to view security camera feeds from a remote location. Remote viewing is possible both with analog cameras as well as with digital (IP) cameras. However, with IP cameras you have more choices and control.

      Imagine the convenience of being able to view CCTV camera on your mobile phone. You can keep track of the happenings in your home or workplace. While on vacation you can remotely check the safety and security of your home. While at the office you can check on your little ones and the maids/nannies. If you own or manage a factory/shop/construction site, you can monitor the progress of the work in real-time.

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